How a harp is like a Harley

You might think they couldn't be more different, harps and Harley-Davidson motorcycles. But oh, think again.

~ They both make that sound you'd recognize with your eyes closed.
~ They're both top-of-the-line machines.
~ They both have models that are big and impressive.
~ They both have models that are light and maneuverable.
~ They both have thousands of moving parts.
~ They both need specialized repair guys to keep them running.
~ They both have owners who are kinda fanatical about them and base their identities around them.

~ AND they're both really good at weddings. See?

Harp at a wedding.

Harley at a wedding.

Yes, this was the same wedding. A Harley-Davidson motorcycle theme wedding, complete with harp music.

The wedding was in shades of bright Harley orange.

The bridesmaids even wore black leather Harley ankle boots 
under their shimmering orange dresses.
Outside. In August. Those girls meant business.

Lots of little touches to keep the guests and the harpist cool,
like fan-shaped wedding programs. In orange.

Lots of big, strong Harley guys to help the harpist with her machine.

Lots more harp music while the guests sipped the couple's 
signature cocktail, The Screaming Eagle, under the tent.

Yes my friends. Until you've been to a Harley-Davidson theme wedding with a harp, you haven't been to a wedding...


  1. What a FAB concept!!
    But can you put a Harp on a Harley?
    Does it matter?

    1. You can get a Harley with a side car for the harp. THAT would make an entrance!

  2. I like the part about fanatical owners :)

    I think you forgot the money similarities, too--both harps and Harleys are not cheap!

    1. Right you are, Rachael. Though a harp will eventually pay for itself if you gig with it. Haven't heard of a gigging Harley...yet...